Using Social Media to Advertise Your Business

Posted Nov 14th, 2016

Using Social Media to Advertise Your Business

Social media can be a powerful marketing, advertising, and branding tool. Maker Marketing can help you put it to work!

Most of us use some form of social media these days, be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or what have you.

If you're anything like me, you probably check your feeds every day, make updates, share news and funny cat videos with friends, and generally just relax – or maybe waste a little time.

And why not? It's fun, and it's a great way to stay in touch with friends and family.

But social media can be so much more than an entertaining way to kill and hour or so. It can be a fantastic tool for promoting your business, and getting leads.

In short, it can be an awesome means of advertising.

At Maker Marketing, we realize that advertising isn't just about talking at your audience anymore. It's about engaging with with them.

People don't want to be told what they want – they want to be able to tell you. And social media is a great venue for this kind of interaction.

Engaging your audience gives them more agency in the products and services they consume, and in turn helps you create better and better products or services that appeal to more people. Win-win.

Contact us today and find out how the Solution team can help you transform your social media outlets from a fun way to waste some time, into sharp and effective advertising, marketing, and branding tools.

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